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Client Complaints

To regulate and supervise the practice of Sinos lawyers, Sino has set up a practice ethics and discipline committee to accept clients complaints and investigate and deal with lawyers violations of professional ethics and practice disciplines.

If a client is unsatisfied with the services of the Sino lawyer, he/she/ it may make a request to the lawyer for rectification directly. Where the issue fails to be resolved through negotiation, the client may request our firm to handle the case. If he/she / it thinks the Sino lawyer has violated laws and disciplines and needs to replace the lawyer, terminate the contract, refund and compensation,, he/she/it may file a complaint directly with our firm.

Time for filing a complaint: at any time from 9: 30am to 5: 30pm on working days. In case of urgency, a complaint can also be filed during non-working hours.

Method of filing a complaint: clients can file a complaint through telephone, e-mail, or by posting written materials, or directly reporting to Sinos office (communication via phone in advance is recommended). Regardless of the method of filing a complaint, Sino will treat the complaint seriously and respond in a timely manner.


Contact: Ms. Wen

Tel.: (0086-010)83913636 ext. 8012 or 0086-13051934343

Mailing complaint materials to: 9th&16th Floor, North Wing, Central Office Building, Zhuangsheng Plaza, Xuanwumen, Xicheng District, Beijing, China

Complaint mailbox: