Risk Management

● Perennial legal counsel of the enterprise


Help enterprises enhance their legal awareness, improve their ability to prevent legal risks, and help them with risk control and management before, during, and after the dispute.

Main service contents:

Advise on the daily and general legal affairs of the company, including:

1. Answer inquiries, provide legal advice and issue legal opinions;

2. Draft, review and revise contracts, agreements, articles of association, and other legal documents;

3. Participate in company negotiations;

4. Issue statements and opinions on relevant pre-litigation legal matters;

5. Give legal trainings, etc.


● Enterprise legal risk assessment


Enterprise legal risk assessment is to conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis and evaluation of potential legal risks faced by enterprises on the basis of professional investigation and data collection, which will serve as a basis for enterprises to formulate risk management strategies and take measures to reduce and effectively control legal risks.

Main service contents:

1. Risks identification: identify risks through a comprehensive investigation of the enterprise.

2. Risks analysis carry out risk analysis on the basis of investigations.

3. Risks evaluation, make an overall risk evaluation of the enterprise.


● Construction of a legal risk prevention system


Based on the legal risk assessment of the enterprise, put forward suggestions on the adjustment of organization, rules of procedure, business process, and job division of the enterprise, formulate and revise corresponding rules and regulations, and give training to relevant personnel, so as to incorporate legal risk management into enterprise operations.

Main service contents:

1. Discuss and suggest legal risk prevention measures;

2. Legal risk prevention process design;

3. Legal risk prevention training;

4. Legal risk management consulting;

5. Legal risk prevention system construction. 

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