By strictly following the Law on Lawyers and the regulations promulgated by judicial administrative organs at all levels and lawyers associations, Sino guides, supervises, reviews and evaluates lawyers compliance with professional ethics, business norms and disciplinary rules in their daily practice. It has maintained a clear fee system, a system for reviewing conflicts of interest, a system for collective research and reporting of major and difficult cases, a system for special and annual assessment, a file archiving and management system, and a system for investigating and handling clients complaints;

Sino has a business steering committee supported by various business departments under it. It is responsible for the filing and closing of cases, organizing professional training and seminars, instructing lawyers to undertake major, complex, and difficult cases, coordinating lawyers to cooperate in handling cases, assessing the performance of lawyers, and reviewing the qualifications of lawyers annually.

Sino has a practice ethics and discipline committee, which is responsible for educating Sino lawyers on professional ethics and industry disciplines, assessing lawyers compliance with the professional ethics and disciplines, investigating and dealing with disputes arising between Sino lawyers and clients, and ordering correction when there is a breach of disciplines, so as to ensure Sino lawyers practice honestly and in a standardized manner.

If losses are caused to the client due to the fault of Sino lawyers, Sino will compensate the client for the losses.