● Bank trade


Main service contents:

1. Review business contracts of financial institutions, and help with the construction of risks identification and prevention system;

2. Advise on the establishment of banks and non-bank financial institutions, market access of foreign financial institutions, acquisition of equity of foreign banks and foreign banks’ domestic investment, etc.;

3. Handle legal affairs related to various types of loans, letters of credit, and various bill businesses;

4. Dispose of non-performing assets, debt restructuring, and asset restructuring of financial institutions

5. Advise on the restructuring, bankruptcy, liquidation, and debt settlement of financial institutions

6. Provide legal services in terms of policy pledges, insurance claims, and recovery

7. Advise insurance companies on private equity financing, mergers and acquisitions, and issuance of subordinated debt

8. Deal with insurance disputes, and represent insurance companies in litigation or arbitration