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Key Achievements

Sino provides clients from a wide range of industries. Its main clients include:

Party and government organs: State-owned Assets Management Committee of the State Council, Beijing State-owned Assets Management Committee, Xicheng District Peoples Government, Shunyi District Peoples Government, Beijing Dongcheng District Housing and Urban Construction Committee, Beijing Xicheng District Civil Affairs Bureau, Beijing Shijingshan District Food and Drug Supervision and Administration Bureau, Yuelu Branch of Changsha Public Security Bureau, Taoranting Sub-district Office, Xicheng District, Beijing, etc.

Engineering construction industry: China State Construction Engineering Corporation, China Construction First Group Corporation Limited, China Construction Second Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd., China Construction Eighth Engineering Division Corp., Ltd., CSCEC Fangcheng Construction Co., Ltd., China Communications Construction Group Co., Ltd., China Road and Bridge Corporation, CCCC First Highway Engineering Group Co., Ltd., CCCC Third Highway Engineering Group Co., Ltd., CCCC Investment Co., Ltd., China Aluminum International Engineering Co., Ltd., China Tianchen Engineering Corporation, China Coal Construction Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Capital Highway Development Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Gonglian Road Lianluo Line Co., Ltd., Beijing Urban Construction Group Co., Ltd.

Railway construction industry: China Railway Construction Corporation Limited, China Railway Engineering Corporation, China Railway Real Estate Group Co., Ltd., China Railway Culture and Tourism Group Co., Ltd., China Railway NO.3 Engineering Group Co., Ltd., China Railway NO.12 Engineering Group Co., Ltd., China Railway Electrification Engineering Group Co., Ltd., China Railway Construction Electrification Bureau Group Co., Ltd., China Railway Materials Co., Ltd., China Railway Materials Energy Co., Ltd.

Aviation industry: China National Aviation Corporation, China Civil Aviation Express Co., Ltd., China Aviation Industry Planning and Design Institute, AVIC Construction Investment Co., Ltd., Beijing Capital Airport Property Management Company, Beijing Capital Airport Catering Development Company, Beijing Capital Airport Property Management Co., Ltd., Beijing Airport Aviation Ground Services Company.

Non-ferrous metal industry: Aluminum Corporation of China, China Aluminum Asset Management Corporation, China Aluminum Investment Co., Ltd., China Aluminum Lubrication Technology Co., Ltd., China Nonferrous Metals Mining Group Corporation, China Mining International Investment Co., Ltd., Sinomine Resource Exploration Co., Ltd.

Energy, Power, and Chemical Industry: State Power Investment Corporation, China Huadian Corporation, China Huadian Engineering Group Co., Ltd., China Southern Power Grid Corporation, China Datang Power Group Corporation, China Electric Power Engineering Consulting Group Corporation, China Hydropower Construction Corporation, China Chemical Group Corporation, China National Chemical Equipment Corporation, Beijing Shell Petroleum Co., Ltd., China Energy Conservation Investment Co., Ltd., China Nuclear Industry Second and Third Construction Corporation, China Nuclear Fuel Co., Ltd., Beijing Energy Group Co., Ltd., and Beijing Jingmei Group Co., Ltd.

Food, Biological, and Pharmaceutical Industries: COFCO Corporation, COFCO International Corporation, COFCO Trading Co., Ltd., COFCO Feed Co., Ltd., COFCO Land Co., Ltd., COFCO Wine Industry Co., Ltd., China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation, China Biotechnology Corporation, Sinopharm Holding Co., Ltd., China International Medical and Health Corporation, China Scientific Equipment Co., Ltd., China Resources Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., Biosino Bio-Technology and Science Incorporation.

Other industries: China National Light Industrial Products Import & Export Corporation, China Packaging Corporation, China International Trade Center Corporation, China State Shipbuilding Corporation, China Communications Import & Export Corporation, China Communications Systems Co., Ltd., Beijing iQIYI Technology Co., Ltd., Tianqing China Media (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

Financial institutions: China Development Bank Head Office, China Development Bank Securities Co., Ltd., China Development Bank Finance Co., Ltd., Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Head Office, China Investment Bank, Ping An Bank Beijing Branch, Ping An Bank Financial Street Sub-branch, China Communications Finance Co., Ltd., China Aluminum Finance Co., Ltd., China Huayang Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.

Research institutes / companies: Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Optoelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Communications Highway Planning and Design Research Institute, China Aluminum Research Institute, National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Chinese Academy of Architecture Design and Research, Cultural and Educational Committee of China Regional Development Promotion Association.

Press and publication agencies: Peoples Daily, Peoples Daily Online, Economic Daily, Northeast Normal University Press, Financial Times.

Social groups: China International Investment Promotion Association, Cultural and Educational Committee of China Regional Development Promotion Association.