Merger and acquisition

● Merger and acquisition


Mergers and acquisitions is a process for an enterprise to obtain the property rights of other legal persons in a certain economic way on the basis of equality, voluntariness, and equal consideration. It is one of the major forms of capital operation and management for the enterprise and can be divided into two modes: share acquisition and asset acquisition.


Main service contents:

1. Conduct due diligence on the target company / assets;

2. Design a plan for acquiring the equity / assets of the target company;

3. Assist in the valuation of equity / assets of the target company and participate in business negotiations;

4. Draft and revise acquisition agreements and issue legal opinions;

5. Assist in performing relevant procedures and handling handover procedures.


● State-owned enterprise ownership restructuring


Enterprise ownership restructuring refers to (1) a wholly state-owned enterprise is changed to a wholly state-owned company; (2) a wholly state-owned enterprise or a wholly state-owned company is changed to a state-owned holding company or a non-state-owned holding company; (3) a state-owned capital holding company is changed to a non-state-owned holding company.


Main service contents:

1. Conduct due diligence on the target company;

2. Assist in formulating the restructuring plan and submit it to the approval agency for approval;

3. If the resettlement of employees is involved, assist in formulating a plan for the resettlement of employees, which shall be deliberated and approved by the workers congress or the workers meeting; where the disposal of state-owned land use rights is involved, a corresponding plan shall also be formulated and submitted to the land administration department for approval;

4. Participate in business negotiations and issue legal opinions;

5. Formulate relevant legal documents such as restructuring agreements, company articles of association, and assist in handling registration for property rights transactions and registration change procedures.